FL Series

Model of Entrance to the World of Automatics.

The model series of eXpedySTORE FL can be simply and coherently integrated into the daily workflow of the pharmacy business and also can be utilized to automate approximately 85% of the inventory.

The highest level of efficiency, the lowest investment…

Profitáljon Ön is egy automatával!

Mindazoknak, akik már régóta szerették volna a gyógyszertár raktárkészletét automatizálni, de túl kis hellyel rendelkeznek egy nagy robotizált rendszer számára, jó hírrel szolgálhatunk: az eXpedySTORE FL modelljei rendkívül helytakarékosak, továbbá ár-érték arányukat tekintve valamennyi gyógyszertár számára az első lépcsőfokot jelenthetik az automatizálás irányába.

The greatest advantage of the model series is that the space of the storage room can be significantly reduced, as a result of making valuable space for more substantial in terms of traffic patient for Officina. In the event of the fastest-operating and largest in-stock items, the most important aspect to keep their insertion and release as little in time as possible. While the mechanical arm combines the items together quickly and accurately in the background, it can deliver them right at your fingertips, with a result of spending more time for patient care. Sounds appealing, isn't it?


The computerized solution can be outstandingly suited for specific wants and needs in every detail of the business.


Launching a robotic warehouse system to put on the line of work is considered to be a significant milestone in the life of the pharmacy business. Models of the FL Series can be installed in any small-scale pharmacy, without any act of reconstruction,thanks to its compact design even up to 2 square meters. In behalf of its structure and small space requirements, machines of eXpedySTORE can be easily placed behind the rear tare as a result of reducing the dispension of the drug, accelerating the speed and eliminating the necessity for expensive delivery systems.

When it comes to planning, the most important aspect of design is that the distance between the machine and the tare must be as short as possible, ensuring the fastest access to all Officine Workstations. Applying a simple slide system starting from different heights, the requested products may arrive at the Officine counters within a reach. Up to 10-10 can be attached to the machine per page. Series models of eXpedySTORE FL can be integrated simply and smoothly into the daily tasks of pharmacies with an innovative appearance and a wide range of colors and materials to perfectly fit into the public image of the business. Whether you wish to save time or liberate some space, with the assistance of FL Series we can provide the right solution, for a variety of needs as well.


All medications within reach.

For optimal storage, stock has grouped into four categories.

  1. The central of the warehouse itself is the automatic machine, where it is worth storing the fast-moving prescriptions on large stock (RX) drugs which account for almost 80% of the medicines delivered.
  2. The TOP 10 products based on consumption is stored in the so-called "precipitant", built into the furnitures of Officine workstations in order to the fastest distribution.
  3. For increase the traffic of non-prescription articles (OTC), it is recommended to place it on the Officine's most valuable surface, on the rear storage compartment.
  4. For less-consumed or stocked products, the most suitable to place them is the bottom level of the rear compartment.


Ask for our help or suggestions for installation options.

  • Models of the FL-Series can make pharmacy storage and issuing processes easier, more efficient and faster.
  • With the assistance of the touchscreen and scanner, the operating system can be optimized for any staff member.
  • The user-friendly software in Hungarian language guarantees simple operation. Fits nearly for all pharmaceutical systems.
    Valamennyi gyógyszertári rendszerhez illeszthető.
  • Uploading your receipt and the received goods at the same time is possible to execute in the vicinity of the machine, in this way, precious time and energy can be saved.
  • Thanks to the LED positioning system, the stockpiling of medicines becomes simple, fast and accurate.
  • Power-cut? Not a problem! In case of any technical malfunction, all stored medicines can be easily searched for and issued, manually.


The Series of eXpedySTORE
In the most narrow space,
The most efficient,
The fastest.



Types FL600 FL900 FL1300
Width: (mm) 1.890 2.390 3.390
Depth of Glass Shelves: (mm) 1.250 1.290 1.380
Height: (mm) 2.460 2.460 2.460
Length of Tubes: (mm) 850 900 900
Numbers of Tubes: (db) 600 900 1.300
Maximum No. Boxes: (db) ~4.900 ~7.500 ~11.200
Sizes of Box
Min (W,D,H) 20 x 10 x 40 (mm)
Max (W,D,H) 110 x 60 x 250 (mm)
Manipulator (db) 2 2 2
Boxes to be issued at the same time (db) 3 3 3
Camera 0 1 1
230VAC 1fázis 50Hz




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